Feeling adrift in the sea of life? You’ve just found your safe harbor.

Sail through the A-Z odyssey outlined below—it’s your roadmap to the treasure trove of support and resources that can be found here at neurolighthouse.org


A: Anchored in Anxiety Bay

Your ship, the S.S. Self-Doubt, is anchored in a shadowy area known as Anxiety Bay. You’re surrounded by a sea of confusion, each wave a question mark about your identity. Thoughts like “Who am I?” and “Am I defined by my diagnosis?” stir the waters, making it difficult to see any horizon. You feel like a victim of circumstances, with your mindset becoming an anchor that holds you down.


B: Boarding the Brigantine of Awareness

Suddenly, out of the mist comes a new ship—the Brigantine of Awareness. It beckons you, promising a new voyage. Your heart races as you switch vessels. In that moment, the wind of awareness fills your sails; you are no longer a passive participant in your journey.


C: Compass of Choice

In the captain’s quarters, you find a gleaming compass, shimmering with possibilities. As you pick it up, you realize it points to different directions, offering you multiple paths. It’s your call. You have the choice to chart your course.


D: Drifting Through Detachment Dunes

Your sails catch the wind as you steer toward the open sea. Soon, you drift into the Detachment Dunes, where you learn to observe your thoughts without judgment. Your ship sails smoothly here, teaching you that you can sail over your thoughts instead of getting swamped by them.


E: Ebb Tide of Empathy

You’ve navigated through high seas, but now you’re entering the phase of the Ebb Tide of Empathy. Unlike the rushing high tide, this phase slows you down and asks you to consider the world outside your ship. It teaches you to feel and understand the currents and tides that other ships—people in your life—are experiencing. This emotional literacy enriches your journey, making you not only a better sailor but a better companion to others navigating their own seas.


F: Fjords of Flexibility

The fjords challenge you with their winding narrow paths and towering cliffs. Here, you master adaptability. You learn to navigate, to be flexible with your identity and not let labels box you in.


G: Gulf of Gratitude

You reach the tranquil Gulf of Gratitude and pause. You drop anchor for a moment to appreciate the beauty of your journey. It’s a break, a mental photograph that captures how far you’ve come and the tools you’ve gained. Gratitude allows you to recognize your progress and the tools you’ve gained along the way.


H: Harbor of Habits

As you continue your journey, you find a bustling harbor filled with ships of all kinds. This is the “Harbor of Habits.” You come to understand that the habits you cultivate become the cargo your ship carries—skills in executive function, critical thinking, financial, physical and emotional literacy.


I: Islands of Imagination

Your ship sails through a series of small islands, each representing a world of possibilities. The Islands of Imagination teach you to dream, to imagine a life not limited by labels but enhanced by them. You realize that your identity can be as vast and varied as these islands.


J: Jetty of Joy

You encounter a small jetty sticking out into the water. It’s the Jetty of Joy, a brief stopover where you learn the importance of experiencing joy in the little things, even when the waters are rough. You come to realize that joy is a skill you can cultivate, just like any sailing technique. 


K: Knots of Knowledge

You sail past curious formations in the water—Knots of Knowledge. These tangles, at first daunting, are lessons waiting to be unraveled. Some knots are tight, embodying ingrained beliefs that limit you. Others are looser, representing new opportunities for growth. As you skillfully untie one, you realize each strand represents a skill or a piece of emotional literacy that guides you on this journey. These knots are not roadblocks but buoys, reminders that knowledge enriches your voyage and keeps you afloat.


L: Lighthouse of Self-Love

As you navigate these challenging waters, your eyes catch a glimmer in the distance—a Lighthouse of Self-Love. This is no ordinary lighthouse; its light emanates from the love you’ve cultivated for yourself, illuminating the foggy doubts and fears that once clouded your vision. As you draw near, the lighthouse’s radiant beam clarifies your path, showing you a way forward steeped in self-acceptance and genuine affection for who you are. Your worth isn’t bound by labels or diagnoses; you are worthy because you are your own beacon in this vast sea. Here you grasp the concept of self-love and the importance of loving yourself, diagnosis, complexities, and all.


M: Marshes of Mindfulness

Navigating through these quiet marshes, you learn mindfulness. You understand the value of being present, of not letting the ghosts of the past or the phantoms of the future steer your ship.


N: Narrows of Nuance

These slim waterways teach you about the subtleties in life, that things are not just black or white. They provide you the wisdom to appreciate the nuances in yourself and others.


O: Ocean of Opportunities

As you sail further, you enter an open ocean that stretches beyond the horizon. It symbolizes endless opportunities and possibilities, urging you to explore.


P: Peninsula of Patience

A narrow piece of land teaches you to take your time, to be patient with yourself as you work through your identity and labels.


Q: Quay of Questions

This dock is unlike any other; it’s filled with unanswered questions. But instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’re encouraged to be curious and seek answers, realizing that it’s okay not to have them all.


R: Reefs of Resilience

Navigating through these dangerous reefs strengthens your resolve. You learn that setbacks aren’t the end; they’re just tests of your resilience.


S: Sails of Self-Compassion

As you advance on your voyage, you realize the importance of the Sails of Self-Compassion. These aren’t ordinary sails; they’re woven from threads of understanding, forgiveness, and care for oneself. You find that when these sails are hoisted, your ship moves with greater ease and less resistance, capable of taking on even the most turbulent waters. When the winds of life challenge you, these sails offer resilience, turning moments of struggle into opportunities for growth and transformation. You learn that your worth is not tied to a label or diagnosis; you’re worthy because you are a beacon of light, you are the lighthouse.


T: Tides of Transformation

As you navigate through changing tides, you embrace transformation. You accept that you can always grow and evolve, no matter where you started your journey. This is the Transformation of the Tide, a vivid testament to your personal growth. Your ship is no longer at the mercy of external elements; you’ve learned to adapt and sail on your terms. This transformation doesn’t mean the absence of storms, but it equips you with the confidence and skills to navigate through them, forever altering the course of your lifelong voyage.


U: Unfurling the Ultimate Sail

As you approach the final stretches of your journey, you prepare to unfurl what sailors often call the “Ultimate Sail.” This is no ordinary sail; it’s woven from threads of acceptance and the realization that you don’t have to understand everything to be at peace. As it catches the wind, you feel an overwhelming sense of liberation. You understand that identity isn’t something that controls you; it’s something you control. The Ultimate Sail signifies your choice, your ownership, your agency in defining who you are. With it, you sail towards the final leg of your journey, comforted by the power of choosing your own destiny.


V: Vessel of Vulnerability

As you near the end of your journey, you find a hidden compartment aboard your ship—a Vessel of Vulnerability. This isn’t a physical container but rather a symbolic space within yourself. You realize that to be truly vulnerable is to trust yourself enough to open up, both to your own feelings and to the vast sea that surrounds you. It’s as if the ship is encouraging you to face the open waters with your true self, unshielded and authentic. Vulnerability becomes less about risking hurt and more about trusting your own vessel, your own being, to withstand the highs and lows of the sea of life.


W: Whirlpool of Wisdom

You navigate a dangerous whirlpool, coming out unscathed and wiser. It teaches you that sometimes life’s challenges offer the best lessons.


X: X Marks the Spot of Acceptance

Navigating through your journey, you come upon a curious chart inside a timeworn captain’s log. On it, an “X” marks a specific location in the vast sea. With anticipation, you steer your ship to these coordinates. As you arrive, you realize that there’s no hidden treasure to dig up, no exotic island to explore. The “X” represents a point of internal acceptance, a moment to acknowledge that you’ve traveled far, learning to shape your identity and understand yourself better. You find that the real treasure is the transformative journey you’ve undertaken, and the X serves as a reminder to pause and appreciate how far you’ve come.


Y: Yachts of Yearning

As you reach the letter Y in your nautical odyssey, you encounter the Yearning Yacht—a luxurious vessel that sails by, laden with treasures, exotic fruits, and all the luxuries you can imagine. It’s tempting to abandon your journey and board this yacht of eternal wants and desires. But as you eye the sumptuous spread, you realize that desire—while a part of being human—often leaves you in a constant state of yearning. To want is also to lack, always striving for the next best thing and never finding true contentment.

This moment becomes a turning point; you understand that it’s natural to have desires, but they shouldn’t distract you from appreciating what you already have, especially the intangible riches—like self-acceptance and understanding—that you’ve collected on your journey so far. As the Yearning Yacht sails away, you feel grounded in the wisdom that true fulfillment doesn’t lie in endlessly chasing desires but in knowing that you are enough.



Z: Zenith at the Neurodiversity Lighthouse

At long last, the Neurodiversity Lighthouse emerges on the horizon, its radiant light piercing the fog in a kaleidoscope of colors. As you approach this Zenith, a profound understanding washes over you: you’re not merely a label or a diagnosis. Instead, you are a intricate blend of abilities, desires, and identities. Your identity is a landscape waiting to be discovered, not a box that confines you. As you dock your ship, you experience a profound sense of homecoming. You’ve sailed not just waters but also navigated the labyrinthine corridors of your own self. Your newfound wisdom is now your compass, enabling you to weather future storms and voyages with resilience and understanding. 


While the quest for mental well-being is an ongoing odyssey, the lessons and resources you’ve found here at NEUROLIGHTHOUSE.ORG have empowered you to be both captain and cartographer of your own life journey. You are ready to recalibrate your course whenever necessary, and to serve as a beacon for others sailing similar seas.

About ME


Hello there! I’m Carney Shea, and if you’ve landed here, you’re likely as intrigued by neurodiversity as I am—welcome to my digital hearth! With a six-year journey as a Registered Behavior Technician, I have a profound understanding of the intricacies of human behavior. My hands might be small (don’t worry, no cabbage scent; it’s just my Irish heritage!), but my aspirations are anything but.


My mission? To transform how we approach executive functioning, emotional, and financial literacy in neurodiverse individuals. I believe that while the term “neurotypical” has practical applications, it’s crucial to avoid using it to define a ‘normal’ standard. The beauty of the human experience lies in our diverse neurological make-up. In the neurodiversity movement, labels are not limitations but tools. As a neurodiverse individual myself, I see these labels as means for a strengths-based approach to self-understanding, rather than as definitions of our limitations.


What can you expect in this space? A blend of scientifically-backed resources, personal musings, and practical advice, all crafted to empower you and challenge societal stigmas. Whether you’re maneuvering through the educational maze, wrestling with identity, or just mastering the art of adulting (aren’t we all?), there’s something here for you.


Thank you for joining me on this enlightening journey. Please, reach out; let’s navigate this rich and varied tapestry of human diversity together.